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how you can help

When we dreamed up PePol we realized this was an opportunity to make a real difference. We hope you can see our vision too. If PePol gets the chance to become what we envision, it will quickly be reaching millions of people and play an important part in the necessary changes for our global society. This is a truly exciting project to embark on and we invite you to be a part of it.

Would you like to help? Here's what we're looking for:

  • Software development experience, specifically with high level skills in some of these areas:
    • implementation and deployment of distributed systems and scalable web applications
    • user security and privacy
    • database design and implementation (especially high accessibility, distributed DBs)
    • standards compliant XHTML and CSS authoring
    • Java, Javascript and JSP (with clean coding and documentation skills)
    • equally important to your software skills are your ability to communicate clearly and collaborate with other developers. Above all, we need developers who can grasp what we're trying to create with PePol.
  • Skills in the areas of visual design and user interface design.
  • Money to donate. Our core team need to live on something and once it starts taking off they'll be lots of computers and bandwidth to pay for.
  • Time to volunteer stocking the index and rating and moderating content.
  • Translators. Spanish, Chinese, German and French would be especially useful.
  • Media connections to help us create a buzz around this project.

If you'd like to help, please send us a message with the skills, time and other resources you'd like to contribute. You can help fund us by donating money.

If you'd just like to be kept informed of developments and be one of the first to use the tools when they're ready, please sign up to our mailing list:

If you're a developer you can also send us a request to contribute at our developer site: pepol developer logo