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What others are doing and related projects

Over the last year we've seen an increasing number of features and businesses springing up that have this idea of linking multiple networks together. Several sites now have, for instance, a 'Connect with my Facebook account' widget that lets that website share information between it and Facebook. is a great example of a project aiming to bring together the voices of many groups in the sustainability movement and present a united message to policy makers. Quite a few products exist that implement the '1 click and publish to multiple networks' idea, many focused on the internet marketing sector, but some, such as are more general public friendly. is a serious attempt at combining the activities of your contacts across multiple networks into one news stream, is another tool based service with group and contact aggregating features.

All in all, quite a few of the pieces that PePol aims to assemble are already emerging from difference sources. We see this as a good thing and a sign that the time is right for what we want to create.

Here is a URL list of just some of the existing networks and initiatives within the sustainability movement that we feel share some of the PePol values. The size of this (incomplete) list is an indicator of the potential of what we want to do.